5 important things I’ve learned living in UK

Moving to Uk was a huge culture shock, and I have still long way to go with understanding people, their behaviour and places around me. Here are 5 things I’ve learned through my 4 years living in UK.


1. British people are sorry for a lot of things

Few times, someone said sorry to me , because I accidentally stepped on this persons foot on the street! It’s amazing because I’ve never came across something like that in my country.

2. Forget about plug sockets in your bathroom

Unless you want to mount it yourself. Ouch, that is a pain, especially for me as a woman. Because that was always a standard for me.

3. When someone asks : “You’re alright?” , just say : “Good, and yourself?”

Seriously. That’s just their way to say “hello”. No need  hear your whole life story.

3. Don’t trust weather forecasts

Carry your umbrella . At all times.

4. Ale is amazing

I’m from country where the most popular beer is lager. After visiting few pubs and got introduced to pale ales and bitters, that’s all I drink .


5. English language is so confusing

There are hundreds of different accents in London alone. When i thought i got hang of it, i went up north, and another time spoke to Scottish person. That hit me hard

That saying, there’s many more things, but that’s a book not a blog material 🙂 The most important thing is that this country is charming in many ways (ehh… british accent) and I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon. Cheers!

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