Plan with me – August Bullet Journal layout

Hi all!

Today I wanted to show you my first Bullet Journal setup.

Actually, to be honest it’s my third, but the ones before wasn’t what i wanted.  It is also my first BuJo ever, I started a two months ago and I’m still learning about all of this, finding inspirations and doing my research.

I will be updating my progress with journal on monthly basics, and I’m really excited and curious how it’s gonna work for me.

Below you can check it out and let me know what you think about it:)

I’ll show you some bits from my previous months if you’re interested as well. 🙂

My key:


A bit of flowers and colors


Got my idea for that one from this lovely lady : KARA


My monthly spread and trackers :




And that’s my weekly one :



And my Netflix tracker :


Now I’ll just show you my previous months attempts :


July cover :



June cover:

Thanks very much for reading! 🙂








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